What Is A Botanical Therapy Treatment?

Your hair is susceptible to the damaging effects of weather elements, treatment chemicals, and styling tools, among other factors that cause hair damage. Some of these factors make your hair weaker, dryer, and more brittle, leading to problems such as balding spots and excessive hair loss. To some extent, the scalp is also affected by these conditions. In the end, you’re left with dull, dry, weak, and damaged hair that you are not proud of. This is where deep conditioning and treatment products come in.

If dryness is what your hair suffers from, then a moisture treatment product would be the best to go for. On the other end, if your hair is weak, breaking off, and damaged, you could use a repair treatment. Well, there are two major types of hair treatment products; whether it is moisture or repair treatment you are looking for. You can either go for synthetic chemical treatment products or natural treatment products, which are sometimes referred to as botanical. But exactly what is a botanical therapy treatment? Read on to find out below.

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Defining Botanical Therapy Treatment

Botanical Therapy Treatment is a hair treatment procedure that uses micro-plant technology to improve the health and strength of your hair and scalp. Done by an experienced stylist, the procedure lasts between 15 and 60 minutes depending on what exactly is being addressed. Your stylist picks a botanical treatment product that will work best for you based on your individual needs. There are three major botanical therapy treatment options depending on what is being addressed. These are as follows:

  • Moisture Treatment
  • Repair Treatment
  • Scalp Detox Treatment

1. Botanical Moisture Treatment

Moisture treatment is meant to moisturize dry hair and improve its health intensely. The treatment therapy involves the use of organic ingredients such as buruti, kukui seed, and pomegranate oils. Sometimes aromatic organic ingredients such as rose geranium, vanilla, and palmarosa are also used. At the end of the procedure, your hair strands are left soft, shiny, and silky. It is said to improve dry hair by up to 86%.

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2. Botanical Repair Treatment

A Botanical Repair Treatment is done for hair that is damaged, especially if the strands tend to break easily. The treatment uses amino acid-derived organic ingredients such as sugar beet and quinoa protein, which act together to leave your hair strands stronger, healthier, and suppler. Sugar beet is actually known to improve the elasticity of hair. This treatment is said to improve damaged hair by up to 84%. Aromatic substances such as mandarin, bergamot, and ylang-ylang are also sometimes used along with the botanical active ingredients for a better outcome.

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3. Botanical Scalp Treatment

Scalp therapy involves the use of organic ingredients to exfoliate your scalp gently and get rid of any buildup material that may affect the health of your hair. The main cleansing ingredient in this treatment is salicylic acid that has been derived from wintergreen, an essential oil with multiple health benefits, including promoting hair and skin health. It also involves scalp massage using therapeutic aromatic oils. This scalp massage is dedicated to restoring the scalp’s healthy balance and can take as little as 15 minutes.

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