10 Best Rated Hair Salons in Durango, CO

1. Ellie’s Place

In addition to being highly reviewed and well-ranked Ellie’s Place is one of the first few professional salons to be established in Durango, CO. With over 18 years of experience, the salon provides services like haircuts, color, facial, waxing, and wedding hairstyles.

Salon Details: Ellie’s Place

Address: 2929 Main Ave Ste A-6, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Tuesday & Thursday – 8am to 9pm; Friday – 8am to 2pm; ​​Saturday – 10am to 5pm

Phone: +1 619-379-9842

Website: https://www.myelliesplace.com/

2. Beyond Bridge Salon & Spa

Owned by renowned beauty professional, Deb Roster, Beyond Bridge Salon & Spa, is one of the most popular beauty salons in Durango. Being in the beauty industry since 2010, they specialize in hair cuts for men and women, hair styling, color, and other beauty services such as skin care, waxing and hairstyling for special events like weddings.

Salon Details: Beyond Bridge Salon & Spa

Address: 1666 Main Avenue, Suite F, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am to 7pm

Phone: +1 970-259-3391

Website https://www.beyondthebridgesalon.com/

3. Libby’s Salon

As one of the topmost rated salons in Colorado’s city of Durango, Libby’s Salon provides haircuts men, women and children as well as a wide range of other professional salon services such as shampoo, styling, foils, t-weaves, color treatment, and permanent waves. They also provide makeup services like manicure, pedicure, and facials, waxing, skin care, and massage.

Salon Details: Libby’s Salon

Address: 575 E 4th Avenue, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am to 6:30pm; Saturday 9am to 3pm

Phone: +1 970-759-9063

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/LibbysSalon/about/

4. Daisy’s Salon

Daisy’s Salon is the other top rated beauty shop in Durango. They offer services such as haircuts, coloring, highlights, perm, waxing, facial, and brow shaping at highly reasonable prices.


Salon Details:  Daisy’s Salon 

Address: 121 E 10th Street, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10am to 6pm

Phone: +1 970-259-2121

Website: http://www.daisyssalondurango.com/

5. Incognito Salon

The Incognito Salon is highly praised by its customers in Durango, mainly for providing high-quality services at highly reasonable prices. The salon is owned by Doug Boykin from 2007 and offers a great atmosphere that makes you feel at home every time.

Salon Details: Incognito Salon

Address: 736 1/2 Main Avenue, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am to 5pm

Phone: +1 970-385-8938

Website: http://www.incognitosalondurango.com/

6. Beautymark Hair Salon

Beautymark Hair Salon provides salon services such as haircuts special styling, shampooing, waxing and wedding hairstyles as well as professional high-quality makeup services. They are open from 9 to 6 on weekdays and 10 to 5 on weekends.


Salon Details: Beautymark Hair Salon

Address: Suite B1-108, 555 Rivergate Ln, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm; Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm

Phone: +1 970-769-1004

Website: http://beautymarkdurango.gettimely.com/

7. Reign Hair Salon

Reign is a beauty salon in Durango, Co that has been around for quite a number of years. Owned by beauty professionals Wyatt and Lauren, the salon specializes in a wide range of professional beauty services including hair styling, haircuts, and color services.

Salon Details: Reign Hair Salon 

Address: 128 E 9th St, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 10am to 6PM; Saturday – 10am to 4pm

Phone: +1 970-385-5840

Website: http://reignhairsalon.com/

8. Hello Gorgeous Salon Durango

The Hello Gorgeous Salon is located along 1666 Main Avenue D. The main services you can get from the Hello Gorgeous Salon in Durango include men and women’s hair cut, beard trim, blow-dry, hair extensions installation, shampoo, up-do, gloss, perm, chemical straightening, all over color, retouch re-growth, highlight, and styling for special occasions such as weddings. In addition to their awesome pricing, they have a customer support team that is quite welcoming and courteous.


Salon Details: Hello Gorgeous Salon Durango

Address: 1666 Main Ave D, Durango, CO

Phone: +1 970-385-5959

Website: http://salondurango.com/

9. The Chair: A Hair Salon

The Chair is a professional hair salon located at Durango’s 48CO Rd 250. Open from Monday through to Friday from 9am to 7pm and from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays, the chair’s customer support can be reached through +1 970-259-3662. The salon specializes in services such as hair cuts for both men and women, highlighting, blowout, color correction, toner, conditioning treatment clarifying treatment, and waxing, among others. They also provide a variety of hair care products.

Salon Details: The Chair: A Hair Salon

Address: 48 Co Rd 250 #2, Durango, CO

Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 7pm; Saturday – 10amto 5pm

Phone: +1 970-259-3662

Website: http://www.thechairdgo.com/

10. 6th Street Hair Salon

Located at 1018 Main Avenue in Durango, the 6th street hair salon is one of the best hair salons in the southwestern Colorado city. They provide a wide range of salon service for both men and women, which you can request more about depending on your needs, using their contact us link.

Salon Details: 6th Street Hair Salon

Address: 1018 1/2 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301, United States

Business Hours: Monday to Saturday – 9am to 9pm; Sunday – 9pm to 6pm

Phone: +1 970-259-1220

Website: http://www.6thsthairandschool.com/



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